Luminescent Dreams

Weekly Roundup

January 01, 0001
Arches, 2019-09

While normally I post these on Friday, this last week was quite busy and left me no time to write.

And, in fact, I have very little to write about. I had a trip with my partner to New Hope, Pennsylvania. It was, as always, quite lovely, but there is very little to do in New Hope.

I returned to start a job with a new client company, in the company’s office for the first time since starting at Cloud City, and meet for the first time a co-worker with whom I’ve paired for literally hundreds of hours of work.

First day had a rocky start, with me first forgetting my bike lock after getting to Assembly Station, and then watching as one train after another pulls into the station, completely full. Like, people trying to press in so they can clear the doors full. Moral of the story: don’t take the orange line during rush hour. Or, during rush hour there is no reason for people to get off the train at Assembly, and the addition of a parking garage there means that the train just keeps on acquiring passengers until downtown.

This week will again be busy, primarily spending all of the week in the client office, but also with a vet appointment and other random things.

So, yeah, this is a boring update. Hopefully I’ll have more next week, but until then, have fun and do something interesting!