Luminescent Dreams

Frozen Tree

February 02, 2023
  • Frostigita Arbo, 2022-01
  • January, 22, 2022

In honor of the extreme freeze hitting the US right now, here is a tree that I photographed a year ago. I truly cannot imagine the experience of being unable to escape the cold.

In a Factorio game (peaceful mode, no cliffs) that I’ve been playing for the last few days, I got my first construction bot off the production line at 4 hours, 49 minutes into the game. It took me another ten minutes to get my personal roboport up and running. I’m pretty proud of this and think that probably I will not be attempting to go faster. Now that I have the bots, I can start stamping down the designs that I use to scale up my base. My goal for this game is Megabase level with 1000 science per hour.