Luminescent Dreams

A bit of freehand sketching

January 14, 2020
A very rough sketch featuring several plain squares with some rough perspective. The sketch represents my living room. There is a dark square in the center representing my TV, with multiple arches representing the various openings in the wall.

As a change of pace, today I’ll share a rough freehand sketch that I made this morning. I was sitting in my favorite spot in my living room and decided to do a quick fifteen minute “speed sketch”. This one depicts my TV, the stand it sits atop, and the various doorways leading out of the room. It basically skips out on all of the details sitting around.

I was good at sketching back in high school when I took a semester-long class of it, but I’ve largely stopped doing it. However, my partner has decided to start sketching as a way of driving her artwork, and I just added wireless capability to my wacom tablet, so I’ve suddenly decided to do some of the same. Though perhaps not at the one-a-day rate that she’s going for.

Art is something I’ve been neglecting, and I note that I don’t think I have taken one single photograph with my good camera yet this year.

So, in penance, I will share a phone photo of Sapphira looking all comfortable.

A white cat with sapphire-blue eyes and black ears. She is looking at the camera with only her head visible as the rest of her body is underneath a red comfortor. She appears very comfortable.