Luminescent Dreams







This is a workout and fitness tracking application written in Haskell with a GTK user interface. This project has served as a playground for trying out ideas.
  • Data persistence using an event log instead of a traditional database
  • Handling GTK widgets
  • Clean separation of the application GUI from the widgets
  • User experience concerns


Interesting Technologies

Solar X-Rays: x-ray status
Geomagnetic Field: x-ray status

Winters End, 2019

As the last festiges of winter come to an end, here is a batch of photos that I took a month ago. This was in Middlesex Fells in Boston, a short distance from where I live, right after a snowstorm that drop a foot or so of snow for seventeen hours.

I had been starting to lose my mind from the cold and being trapped inside. Finally, at my partner’s advice, I got completely bundled up to take camera and tripod out for pictures. The results here are pretty fantastic, and my mental health improved immediately.