Mental Health Care and Transgender Populations

Savanni D'Gerinel 21 May, 2018
**Content Warning: open discussion of mental health care, suicide, and religion**

Amelia Perry was family to me. Four months later I get by only by forgetting that she’s gone.

Every day, on social media, I see people telling me and others like me that being transgender is a mental illness or that we need to “get help”. Fascinatingly, many of us get a lot of help if we can afford it. Many more would get help if they had the money to afford it, but transgender people outside of tech tend to be close to destitute, so I have no idea where they are expected to “get help”.

But let us for a moment say that money is no object and that we all can get help. We still cannot get care because care for mental health has been slashed so far that we have less space for psychiatric patients than we did before the Civil War. And, worse, practitioners are not being trained to deal with us, though our needs very modest and easy to honor, at least for human beings capable of listening and respecting other human beings. Further, medical practitioners are not only able to get away with refusing to treat us for ordinary medical problems, the Republican Party under Trump is pushing to ensure that it is legal everywhere to deny us service.

The people who tell me to “get help”, don’t actually want me to get help.

They want me to shut up and die.

The Catholic Church is Morally Bankrupt

The Catholic church controls so many hopsitals that 1/6th of patients end up in a Catholic hospital.

The Church has rejected us.

...Catholic hospitals that must follow a set of ethical and religious directives set by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Indeed, one in six medical patients in the United States receive care at a Catholic hospital. The conference last year posted an open letter rejecting the legitimacy of transgender identities and urging parents to not accept their trans kids. The pop has denounced trans-affirming approaches as ideological colonization
Summary of the stand from the Catholic Conference of Bishops

The Catholic Church has invaded or blessed the invasions of native populations on every populated continent in the world. They have conducted wholesale torture over the course of a millenia. They have hidden the ways in which priests abuse and rape parishioners. They accuse us of “ideological colonization”, but we have never murdered anyone, much less entire populations, to push our ideology. We have simply tried to protect our people from harm and live normal lives in a society in which we face violent hatred.

Here are some examples of medical malpractice against transgender people, and these are simply a small number that made it into the news:

I also know at least one transgender woman who went into the hospital with broken bones after a car crash and reports that the staff stopped treaoting her as soon as they found out she was trans. They discharged her with pain medications, and she now lives with permanent pain.

If your “right” to practice your faith ends the life of human beings you are honor-bound to serve, you have committed murder, no matter the tools you used or the legality of the situation.

You who want me to shut up and die can fuck right off.


Remember Amelia.

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